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Sprachstudio Stefanie Staudinger - ABOUT US


Quality is our top priority. We pride ourselves on offering excellent, committed service at competitive prices. Sprachstudio is not a translation platform providing automated, semi-professional translations – we handle every assignment individually and personally. Thus we are able to guarantee a consistently high linguistic and technical standard.


Stefanie Staudinger is a state certified, officially appointed & sworn translator and a qualified English teacher (CELTA) specialising in the fields of medicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, sports and advertising. She is also responsible for the organisation and project management of large-scale jobs as well as quality management and proofreading. In addition, Stefanie regularly works as an interpreter and English teacher for local companies and at the adult education centre in Passau.

Freelance staff:

Sprachstudio has been working successfully with an international network of qualified technical translators, each with a particular field of expertise. With many years of experience, each has a thorough grasp of their respective subject matter and terminology. All of our staff translate exclusively into their native language, thus ensuring a complete and natural understanding of the translated language's grammar, vocabulary and tone, as well as the necessary cultural and social awareness of the translation's readers.